Foreign graduates, locals compete for declining Australian jobs

And the losers seem to be Australians, recent official figures show.

Foreign graduates getting Australian jobs—While foreign students who have graduated from Australian educational institutes are successfully getting jobs, natives are losing out in the competition as the number of jobs has gone down.

As per the recent report, nearly 100,000 new jobs in Australia have been taken by majority of foreign graduates since the year 2011.

And the fact is that number of potential workers among Australians are surging up. This is happening even as Australians are struggling to get jobs, the report by Dr. Ernest Healy and Dr. Bob Birrell of Monash University center for population and urban research, Melbourne states.

Tough competition is seen clearly among Australians and foreign graduates in the wake of declining jobs in the nation in the recent times.

Increased immigration levels behind growing unemployment among Australians—The government of Australia has changed the immigration policies recently. And this has led to more and more immigrants flocking to Australia and successfully getting new jobs here in the period of last two years.

This is happening even as the number of new jobs in Australia has witnessed a fall in the last few years.

The government believes that the immigrants are vital in filling crucial skilled vacancies in Australia. But the fact is that the recent migrants are from non-English speaking nations and hence, are not having a good record in getting managerial and professional jobs in Australia, the report clarifies.

The view that Australia is importing immigrants with high levels of education for filling skilled vacancies is wholly incorrect, Dr. Birrell informed. Immigration program has hit a record level of nearly 210,000. And this has pushed nearly 418,000 native Australians out of employment in November 2012.

Such wrong immigration policies have resulted in a bad effect on the employment level, working conditions of Australians and the participation in the Australian labor market among youngsters, states Dr. Birrell. This has resulted in increasing the number of recipients of Newstart and Youth Allowance to 672,000 from 501,000.

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