Federal Skilled Worker Program: Changes introduced

While making an announcement on April 23, 2014, Government of the country declared the enlisted occupations and the capping of numbers in the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program.

According to Attorney David Cohen the changes have been waited for a long time now and the world would be happy to hear them.

Changes into effect
First day of May, this year would be the experiencing the changes for the first time. Attorney also adds that he is sure about eh excitement and larger benefits the changes would bring for the immigrants and also for the country. This program has been in importance because it is the shortest possible route of becoming a Canadian citizen.

The announcement of date
There is a strong message from the Attorney Feil, about announcement of dates. He takes the immigrants in the past and informs them that last year the program’s announcements were made after mid of April and the program was opened in the first week of May. Even this year too, the announcements have been made on 23rd April and the applications would be taken in from May 1, 2014.

The program would accept as many as 25,000 applications under a large number of occupations which has also been announced along with.

The significance of the announcement
Along with FSW Program even Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class have also been announced. It gives a strong message to the applicants that the other two programs are also a path to enter Canada.

Under FST, a maximum of 100 applications would be accepted for 90 eligible accusations each.

CEC would be giving an opportunity to those who have been working in Canada and have gained required amount of skilled experience. By May 1 the program would be accepting as many as 8,000 new applications.

The larger benefit
By opening the capping from 5,000 in the past to 25,000 now, there is a strong message and benefit of the applicants. Also, the number of eligible occupations have been doubled in compared to last year.
Attorney David Cohen expressed his excitement over the capping in the numbers and also because the occupation list has become longer than before.

He believes that more immigrants would be able to apply both in numbers and from variety of skills and professions.

The options available
Apart from FSW Program, applicants can also try their luck through Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Skilled Worker program and event through Labor Market Demand Stream.

Applicants as well as employers in the country have been waiting for the opening of Federal Skilled Worker Program. With the large number of applicants being able to apply from a large cross section of professions and skills, the opening of the program has been welcomed by all corners. Even if someone is not able to apply under this category, there are other programs opened for inviting applications from skilled workers coming from all over the world.