Federal government keeps a close check on Live in caregivers Regulations

Recently there has been a rise in number of complaints by the live caregivers about their employees regarding not taking care of their rights properly.

The government is taking steps to keep a check on the employers to protect overseas workers who have been brought in as live in caregivers in the country.

The government is keeping a record of the employers who are not complying with minimum standards set for them. The government is going to blacklist the failing employers on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website. According to the policies came into effect from 1st April of this year, they will also be banned from hiring other live in caregiver for the coming two years since when they are found guilty.

The government is working on stricter rules for the authentication of the employers in order to ensure safety about the employee’s rights.

Shokoofeh Moussavi, the settlement and integration manager for the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association in Alberta spoke on the matter that, “Complaints number have increased at high rates than before, the employers providing them with poor working conditions, inadequate wages that does not match the minimum set wage rates.”

She further adds that, “The employers should be more responsible, for the protection of care givers employees and they should know about their responsibilities. They are also coming across the complaints regarding mistreatment by the employers and they also have unrealistic expectations from them.

According to caregiver program which came after Foreign Domestic Program, permits the Canadian business people to employ the skilled temporary foreign workers for the care giving services such as home care for children, old citizens or sick relatives.

To employ the employer need to take permission from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada for their opinion that evaluates the impact of hiring the temporary foreign worker on the Labor market of the country.
As with the increase in demand for such workers due to ageing Canada’s population, so keeping a check is important to satisfy the demand, otherwise they might have to face shortage in coming time.

The government believes that caregivers must get at least minimum wage which is their right for their services provider. As per the rules employers should also take accountability for cost care givers health insurance, safety at work place, travel cost from caregivers home country and the employment fees.