Faster UK visa processing

Yes, that’s true.

Faster UK visa processing—Application processing times for UK visas have become faster.

This has been revealed by the UK government. This will be for applications for UK visas that are complete in all respects and don’t involve any complications.

UK visa processing times have now become faster with effect from1st January this year.

As per the available information, within a record span of just eight weeks, applications for UK Tier 1 visas, UK student visas and UK visas (for those wanting to come and live in the UK for a temporary period of time).

Pay premium, avail faster UK visa processing—Are you eager to get your UK visa application processed even faster? Well, the good thing is that you can look forward to availing the facility of faster UK visa processing service by paying a premium.

Yes, that’s a reality. So, by paying a premium, your UK visa application will be processed between 1 day and 10 day.

Already, several applicants for UK visas from Croatia and Turkey have been successful in getting their UK visa applications for living in the UK, studying in the UK or working in the UK processed in a time of just 18 weeks.

Great, isn’t it? However, it may be worth notable in this regard that if your application for UK visa was submitted before the new faster UK visa processing rules became effective, i.e. 1st January, 2014, then it will be bound by the rules effective during that period.

Moreover, any applications for UK visas that seem to be complex(where a decision is not possible within a short period), then information regarding this will be intimated to the concerned applicant by the UK Border Agency, stated an official spokesperson for the UKBA(UK Border Agency).

Priority UK visa service—Subject to fulfillment of requirements for Priority Visa service, UK visa applicants can look forward to getting their applications processed on a priority basis. This service comes at a cost of $150. However, this service is currently available in Mexico.

This service ensures the applications of such individuals are placed in front of the UK visa application processing queue by the UKBA. Another point worth notable in this regard is that priority visa service fee is non-refundable(if the application gets refused for any reason).