Fall in processing times for Canadian visas

The study done by Richard Kurland, a Canadian immigration consultant, reveals that in the year 2009, the processing times for Canadian visas has fell to 26 months from a whopping 50 months in the year 2005. 

And the reason for this considerable fall in the visa processing times is being attributed to the fast-tracking of Canada skilled worker visas by Canadian immigration department in the year 2008.

As per the fast-tracking rules by Canada immigration, all skilled foreign workers having one year experience in any of 38 specified shortage occupations including nurses, chefs and steamfitters will no longer have to wait for immigrating to Canada. 

However, those foreign workers who do not possess one year experience in the requisite field of expertise lag behind as compared to those having requisite work experience. 

Kurland said that all applications for Canada skilled worker visas get approval within a record time span of seven months thereby bringing down the earlier approval time of five years or more. 

In 2009, a total of 14,917 visas were issued to foreign workers seeking Canadian immigration on the basis of Canada work visas. 

However, a negative aspect to the progress achieved in the processing times for Canada visas is that the same progress needs to be made in the issuance of Canada visas for those seeking reunion with their families in Canada. 

Kurland stated that there are parents and grandparents who have been waiting desperately for years to immigrate to Canada and this certainly needs to be improved. 

The federal government has faced accusations from New Democrats as well as Liberals of alluring highly skilled professionals to immigrate to Canada while ignoring family reunification in Canada.

Meanwhile, Alykhan Velshi, an official spokesperson for Jason Kenney, Canadian immigration minister, stated that the research analysis reiterate that the Canadian government is, indeed, on the right track. 

Velshi added that there has been significant reduction in the Canada visa processing times since the year 2004. He also stated that Canada immigration department has been involved in processing of Canada visa applications from families seeking reunification while inviting high skilled immigrants to contribute towards Canadian economy. 

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