Expression of Interest would bring resorts to the country

The Government is likely to bank upon a fast and flexible immigration system in the form of “Expression of Interest”, commonly known as EOI, by next year.

What would this system comprise of?

This system would actually try to match the job vacancies with the skilled immigrants and accordingly the recruitments would be done.

This is what is informed by Immigration minister Chris Alexander. He said that the Government is looking for an economic match. The applications are being dealt with this motive of fulfilling the job vacancies with skilled and required immigrants so that the country can grow economically.

Immigration Minister informs that the Government is taking defensive steps rather than being offensive.

How would the application be dealt with?
The applications would not be tread on a first come first serve basis, as before, rather those applications it required job vacancies would be treated first.

What do the applicants need to do?
They will have to express their interest, and then they would be required to answer a few questions. They would be required to inform their skills, work experience and education along with languages spoken while submitting their expression of interest. This would be the first step of application.

What be the next step?
The pool of interest expressed would be looked into by the Government and the employers in the Canada; from there the applicants with adequate and matched experience would be chosen.
An applicant should be prepared to appear for an interview before the employer. Thereafter, a skilled immigrant would be provided with the option of applying for permanent residency.

How would the program operate?
Federal Governments would not get chance to choose pick the applicants, but an input is desired from both the federal government and the employers for operating this program.

What is the aim of the program?
The processing time would be reduced by selecting appellations which are required bit eh country matching the job skills and vacancies. It used to take years to process an application but, now with this program one can think of getting the appellation processed by 6 months.

Is there an inspiration from other countries?
There is, because there are many other countries which process applications within 60 days. Australia sets an example of doing so.
Is there something missing in this program?
There are some ho believe that the details re missing from this program at a time when the program is not very from being implemented.

Will it replace any other program?
It would not; rather it is an application management system, which would work under an ongoing immigration program.

There are large numbers of applications which keep waiting year after year, and yet do not get selected. There are employers who have to sit helplessly with their vacancies in the want of skilled people from the county. EOI is an effort to provide benefits to b both he employers and the appellant immigrants.