Express Entry: A significant opening for skilled immigrants coming to the country

Former “Expression of Interest” introduced to the country with a new form “Express Entry”, which is supposed to be a shorter and faster route for entering Canada by the immigrants.

The program would be crisper as it would focus on the skills of the immigrants and match the same with the labor market in the country.
Chris Alexander, Immigration Minister Announced this new economic immigration system which would be an active recruitment model in the nation.

Role of the program

The program would be working on the basis of “match making” wherein the immigrant intake would be absolutely based on the needs of labor shortage.

The employers now need to bring immigrants it a long term approach rather than for a short term and as a stop gap arrangement.
An immigrant with Labor Market opinion in hand can also apply under this program and it would rather be a support for him to hold such a document.

Immigration Minister expressed his satisfaction over the program as it would match the demands of job market with the skills of immigrants coming here.

The process of making an application
One needs to first express his interest about a certain kind of job, which would be based upon his skills and experiences gained. The next step would be for the employers in Canada to look for the required person from the pool which would get created by the applications. Once an applicant is selected, the process of awarding visa would initiate.

The applicant must be informed that he or she has to answer various questions coming from the employers or Immigration Department. The questions old revolve around the profession, skills, experience and education he holds.

The eligibility for Express entry
• Anyone who has applied through Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class and Business Class would be eligible to apply for Express Entry.
• On being a part of any of these programs one can shorten the process of coming to Canada through this program.
• If a person has applied through Provincial Nominee Program then also he would be able to take benefit out of this program provided the province has brought the program under federal immigration system.

Advantage for the country
• The country would be able to take the best of applicants
• There will be synchronization in the need and supply of labors which would be permanent in nature.
• Applicants would not come to Canada as temporary workers but as Permanent residents, which is a certainly a long term plan.
• The waiting time would be reduced to less than 6 months which would yields benefit to both applicants and the employers of Canada.

Express Entry which was formerly known as Expression of Interest is a program which would continue to strengthen the economy of the nation by providing stability to both the immigrants and also the job market. It is expected to deal with the labor shortage issue quite effectively.