Express Entry for qualified Canada immigrants


This was revealed by Chris Alexander, Canada immigration minister.

Canada’s Express Entry—Express Entry is going to be launched in the year 2015. And its being regarded as a big step for transforming the immigration process of Canada. It means the immigration recruitment model will make the process of Canada immigration fast, flexible and highly focused on the economic and labor requirements of Canada economy.

Canada immigration will be initiating its Express Entry(recruitment model) in the beginning of the year 2015.

What is Express Entry?—Well lets first see what is Express Entry. Earlier known as Expression of Interest, its going to enable increased responsiveness and more flexibility for catering to the labor shortages of Canadian regions.

So, it simply means that Canadian regional labor requirements will be met more easily by filling vacant job positions provided no Canadian workers are available for such Canada jobs. And immigrants whose skills are in high demand in Canada will see higher success in the nation.

The new system is also going to offer lesser immigration backlogs. And the government of Canada will be able to use Express Interest for finding the best available candidates right from the first day.

How will Express Interest work?—Prospective Canada immigrants will show their interest in Canada immigration by offering related info about their various attributes, work experience, skill-sets, qualification electronically.

And those fulfilling the eligibility requirements will get their Express Interest placed and ranked against those who happen to be already in the pool.

So, the top or the best applicants(that is—those having skill-sets in high demand in Canada or those with Canada job offers) will be invited to make applications for Canada immigration under Express Interest.

Lesser immigration backlogs by Express Interest–Fewer Canada immigration backlogs will be ensured by removing expressions of interest not selected after a specified time period from the pool of applicants.

This will directly reduce Canada immigration application backlogs there by significantly reducing immigration processing times.

On an average, processing times for applications of qualified Canada immigration applicants will be around six months or even less when they get invitations for Canada immigration in four economic streams namely—Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program and a part of the PNP.