Express Entry: A great advantage for skilled immigrants

Express Entry, a program which was previously known as Expression of Interest is likely to launch with the beginning of coming year, is expected to reach out to the skilled immigrants, letting them enjoy a great advantage.

The working of the program
With the immigration program of the country being reworked, the Government changed the name of the program only a fortnight ago.
While announcing the changes, the Immigration Minister, Alexander said that the immigrants would now be selected on the basis of needs arising in terms of skills required by the country.

Significant improvement in the program
• Interested immigrant candidates can apply their profile through online process under Express Entry program, under the economic immigration policy of Canada.
• Those meeting the criteria would be included in the pool of candidates.
• From here the candidates can contact the employers and recruiters on their own.
• The employers can also fall back upon these pools to choose pick an immigrant according to the need of the industry.
• CIC, provincial and federal Government would all have access to this created pool of skilled workers and immigrants.
• All this will happen only after it is confirmed that the generated vacancy has no available worker in Canada itself.
• Earlier when the processing time was for more than a year, now it has been reduced to six months or even less than that.
• The major stakeholders like Government of Canada, provincial and territorial and the employers of the country would have a direct involvement in recruitment of skilled immigrants.

Advantage for the skilled immigrants
There have been case studies when people with high degree, qualification, and experience had to wait for quite long to come to Canada. But, with the new system in place they can submit their application, resume, experience and all the associated documents directly to the government which would remain in the pool for employers and potential stakeholders to make a selection from.
This program is in the lines of similar programs working well in countries like Australia and New Zealand.
The direct access by the employers would certainly make the chances brighter than they ever were for an applicant to get selected whenever there is a suitable vacancy.


Alexander, the immigration Minister names the entire system as “passive processing to active recruitment”.

He adds that individuals with a job offer from a Canadian employer would have brighter chances of coming to Canada as permanent residents than the others.

The program would bring benefits to immigrants coming from countries like India. It has been studied that more than 50% of the immigrants coming from India in 2013 belonged to the category of business and economic sections.

Express Entry would be launched in January of 2015, but, there is an eager wait both from Canada and even from the other countries wherein skilled immigrants come from. The program is likely to become a beneficial venture for skilled immigrants and event he employers in the country.