Exempt foreign students from UK immigration cuts

This has been urged by the former UK cabinet minister Lord Heseltine.

Don’t include international students in UK immigration cuts—The UK government must not include foreign students in its immigration cuts. That’s because Britons don’t consider foreign students as immigrants. Hence, the aim to cut on the number of foreign students coming to the UK each year for controlling UK immigration levels is now a welcoming step, state findings of a recent study.

The UK immigration cuts must not include foreign students wanting to come and study in the UK.

There seems to be no logic in reducing the number of foreign student arrivals to the UK.

Its time the UK government takes a serious note of its intention to include the foreign students in its immigration targets.

Rather the UK government should start undertaking some significant steps to welcome more and more foreign students to come, live and study in the UK, the study by the British Future think tank and Universities UK maintains.

The study findings maintain that just one in five Britons consider foreign students as immigrants. Also, overseas students happen to be the biggest group of immigrants from non-EU counted in the UK immigration figures.

Britons don’t consider overseas students as immigrants--The fact worth notable in this regard is that the foreign students must not be considered to be a reason of anxiety for Britons. Foreign students do not, in any way, cause anxiety to Britons, stated Lord Heseltine.

He was speaking on the issue while reacting to the recent UK think tank report findings suggesting exclusion of foreign students intake from the annual UK immigration limits.

Foreign students means financial stability to the UK—The UK educational institutes get more financial stability from the foreign student arrival in the UK. And this helps the universities of the UK to maintain better standards of excellence.

The UK population wants the government to undertake steps to attracting more and more foreign students to come and study in the UK, the study findings reiterate. Any steps by the UK government to restrict foreign student arrival into the UK is going to prove damaging for the UK reputation worldwide, Lord Heseltine(UK’s former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine) affirmed.

That’s because, after successful graduation from the UK, foreign students move back to their respective home nations and spread goodwill towards the UK. UK’s recent tougher UK student visa rules have already resulted in big damage to the UK higher education sector.