Friday May 25 2012

Ex-restaurant manager found guilty of job scam

Australia, 23rd July: An ex-restaurant manager has been found to be guilty of duping Indian nationals on the pretext of giving jobs at a fast food joint.

The former Hungry Jacks restaurant manager at Parklea, Sydney was responsible for recruitment of staff in the food joint between the period from May 2008 till February 2010.

It was during this period that he received nearly $20,000 cash from around 15 Indians who sought to work as kitchen workers or cleaners part-time.

It may be worth mentioned that Indian students, all of whom were in their twenties, were unaware of the employment rules and paid between $500 and $3,500 to the 47-year-old manager from Philippines.

It was only on the complaint of the owner of this restaurant at Parklea that the matter came to the notice of the police. 
The corrupt manager came to know of his new workers hailing from India through an online network of foreign students, stated Simon Hardman, a Superintendent of Quakers Hill police.

The Indian students were asked to pay the amount in order to secure jobs in Australia and they followed what they were asked since they thought it was a rule to get employment in Australia.

Meanwhile, at least one Indian national did not get employment in the fast food joint despite paying the asked amount while few others got little work and left for other jobs, said Superintendent Hardman.

The Indian students have not, in any way, flawed with the Australian visa rules, maintains Superintendent Hardman.

The arrest of the foods joint manager was made at a house in Woodcroft, Sydney following which the police officials took him to Quakers Hill police station. The ex-manager is facing charges of 14 counts of corruption for allegedly asking bribes from 15 Indian nationals in lieu of giving them jobs in Australia’s fast food joint.

The police alleges that the manager had received a total of $20,000(Australian dollars) as bribe during his tenure at this fast food restaurant.

Presently, he is out on conditional bail and is to surrender his passport. On August 12, he is to appear before the Blacktown Local Court.

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