EU immigrants to face tougher UK benefits tests

This has been revealed by the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

Tougher UK benefits test for EU migrants—Are you an EU migrant wanting to get benefits in the UK? Well, you need to be aware that the UK will have a tougher benefits test coming into effect from March this year.

Yes, this has been announced by Duncan Smith.

The UK benefits test will become tougher from March this year for immigrants from the EU.

And the new tougher UK benefits test will aim to eliminate benefit tourism in the UK, maintained UK PM David Cameron.

Currently, the definition of a worker seems to be quite broad enabling those who work for a couple of hours in a pub even once every week can gain access to housing benefits, Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit.

What is the new tougher UK benefits test?—Well, migrants from the EU(European Union) will be asked if their skills in English language can prove to be an obstacle in finding jobs in the UK under the new tougher benefits test by the UK.

The new robust UK benefits test will be for those claiming to have been in employment or being self-employed for gaining access to a range of UK benefits.

• Moreover, migrants from the EU will also be quizzed about whether they made sincere efforts for finding employment before coming to the UK or not.

• As per the details by Duncan Smith, a wait period of up to two years will be required for all EU migrants before making them eligible to claim UK benefits. Presently, the wait period for claiming benefits in the UK is just three months.

• Migrants from EEA(European Economic Area) will have to prove that they earned not less than £150 per week for a period of three months to get qualified for worker status(and become eligible for generous benefits in the UK).

• The latest proposed reforms will make sure that the UK has a fair process providing genuine support for genuine workers and those seeking jobs. The UK will not allow anyone to come to the nation and take benefit.

• The new earning threshold will be set at £149 per week in 2013-14 and £153 per week in 2014-15 so that they have to pay national insurance.