EU Citizenship on sale

An increasingly large number of affluent foreigners have been showign interest in gaining EU citizenship by getting EU visas. Lets see the details here.

EU citizenship is on sale—Affluent foreign individuals wanting to move to EU for becoming EU citizens in lieu of making a speciified amount of investments in EU economy are welcomed.

Many EU nations like the UK has been attracting wealthy foreigners to get investments for boosting its economy.

EU citizenship can be gained by investing a certain amount in the EU economy.

And in a bid to attract more and more foreigners to come and invest here, many nations(EU nations—European Union nations) have been relaxing its immigration norms as well as eligibility requirements for gaining EU citizenship.

EU Citizenship for sale scheme vs Golden Visa—Well, for the information of all those who want to gain EU citizenship by making specified investments in the EU economy, we are discussing the details about EU citizenship sale program and the Golden Visa program.

Golden Visas--First, we shall discuss about Golden Visa scheme. Golden Visa program is an investor scheme for affluent foreigners wishing to immigrate to the EU.

Many nations including Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus have been offering Golden Visas to foreign investors in the last couple of years. Portuguese Golden Visa scheme has allowed nearly 800 families to gain residence permits since its launch in the month of August, 2012.

In order to gain Portugal citizenship, one needs to purchase a minimum of 500,000 euros worth real estate. And the applicant needs to live in Portugal for seven days in the first year and for 14 days in the next year for gaining Portugal permanent residency after a period of five years.

And application for Portuguese Citizenship can be made after the sixth year without any requirements regarding capital investments.

EU Citizenship for sale—investment immigration program—Investor visas or investment immigration scheme(EU citizenship for Sale) is meant to offer a new lease of life to economies undergoing tougher times. And the applicants, in lieu of investments in the EU economy, get EU citizenship along with easier travel.

Hence, investor programs lead to getting residency in nations like Spain, Portugal, UK, Bulgaria and Hungary. Even the US has its EB-5 immigration investor program fetching good returns to the US economy.

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