The second option of immigrating to Canada through business immigration happens to be the Entrepreneur Program. In the Federal Entrepreneur Program, the government of Canada aims to attract only business people having sufficient experience and interest in owning as well as managing of a business in Canada, which will help in generation of revenue and creation of job opportunities for Canadians. 


The eligibility criteria for applying under this program is as follows:


  • You must show business experience. You need to have controlled and managed a percent of shares of any qualifying business;
  • You need to have in your possession funds worth CDN$300,000 acquired legally. 
  • You need to have the ability to manage and own a qualifying business in Canada within the period of three years of gaining permanent resident in Canada;
  • You should create a minimum of one-full time job for a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen;
  • You must earn at least the minimum passing points/marks in the selection factors including age, education, work experience, proficiency in official languages of Canada, and adaptability factors of living in Canada.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program


Under this program, applicants having interest in owning as well as managing a business enterprise in Quebec are sought. Such applicants must be able to generate revenue and create job opportunities for residents of Quebec.

The eligibility criteria for this program is as follows. The applicant should :

  • Possess management experience of a minimum of three years in a government, society of a business enterprise;
  • Possess funds having net worth of at least CDN $300,000(including assets of your spouse) acquired legally;
  • Submit a feasible business plan to either establish on his own or acquire any business in the province of Quebec, which the applicants is willing to operate and manage by employing a minimum of three residents of Quebec in it;
  • Have the intention and the ability to own and manage a business within the period of three years after getting a PR (permanent resident) in Canada;
  • Generate one full time employment for at least one permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen.