Entering USA through K1 Visa

When you fall in love with an American citizen and want to marry her whereas you belong to some to other country then you fiance have to make an application through “K 1 Visa” for ensuring that you entered the country legally.

K1 Visa

K1 Visa is also regarded as a Fiance (e) Visa and is non-immigrant in nature. It is meant for a fiancé (e) who is not a US citizen.

It enables the fiance to enter and stay in USA from a maximum of 90 days. During this period the couple can get married and start the process of filing Adjustment of Status. This would help the Fiance become a Legal Permanent resident of US.

Eligibility of making application

• Any US citizen intending to marry a foreigner who is not a US citizen can apply.
• The couple should be free to marry each other and there should be no legal hassle to the marriage. For example, either of them should not undergo any divorce or separation case while they are making an application under this category. Any previous married should have been nullified before starting the application process.
• You must have met your fiance within the last two years of initiating the application process.

Processing the application

You need to fill up the following forms:
• I-129 F
• G-325a
• G-1145(is only optional)
The above mentioned forms can be filled online and a printout can be taken for submitting the same. You must always check every line and area you need to fill up before you finally submit the form. Any minor error too will also stand your application rejected.

The documents to be attached

You need to submit every single document mentioned in the form. However, some of the important documents are
• Cover letter
• Declaration of how you met the person
• Proof that you met him or her in the last two years of submitting the application.
• Reason why you intend to marry him or her.
• Apart from mentioned documents you will surely have to submit other documents like your “birth certificate, Legal Name” and many such things to prove that your case is genuine.

Hence, falling in love with an American could actually call for a lot of preparation in terms of documents, but, there is certainly a way to enter and live in USA with your loved one.