Employment prospects for foreign entertainers in Canada

Well, here we will discuss Canada work prospects for foreign entertainers in detail.

Foreign entertainers welcomed in Canada—Canada allows thousands of foreign entertainers from different nations to come and perform in Canada. However, for this all foreign entertainers need to get Canada work permit or Canada work authorization for working or performing in Canada.

Meanwhile, it entirely depends on the type of work or performance in Canada that determines if entertainers from any foreign nation need to get a Canada work permit.

Canada work authority or Canada work permit is needed by foreign entertainers for giving performance in Canada subject to the type of performance to be made in Canada.

Getting Canada work authority in Canada—So, whether any foreign entertainer needs Canada work authorization for giving performance in Canada depends on the type of work. ESDC takes a decision whether any foreign entertainer can work in Canada without getting a Canada work permit.

Foreign entertainers categorized as business visitors by ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) do not need any Canada work permit for performing in Canada. It needs to be noted that temporary foreign workers require Canada work permit for performing in Canada.

Who are categorized as business visitors in entertainment sector by ESDC?— Following is the list of foreign entertainers classified as business visitors in Canada—

1. Performing artists, their supporting staff, other members vital to performance—examples—

• Actors in foreign touring theatrical productions;

• Musicians in any band giving performance in several tour dates in the nation(Canada);

• Musicians, buskers coming for performance in festivals;

• Guest artists, guest conductors performing with Canada groups/productions for a couple of performances;

• DJs (disc jockeys) coming for working at festivals, fairs or private events in Canada.

2. Adjudicators at dance and music festivals;

3. Television producers or film producers projects get funds from outside of Canada.

Which foreign performing artists are not eligible as business visitors?—Foreign performers should not do the following if they want to be considered as business visitors in Canada—

• Enter into any employment relationship with any Canada organization providing contract for their services;

• Perform in restaurants or bars;

• Work on film production, internet broadcast, radio or TV.

LMOs for foreign entertainers not categorized as business visitors—Labor Market Opinion(LMO) is needed by firm or organization employing foreign entertainers for performing in Canada. So, all such foreign performers need to apply for Canada work permit for entering Canada.