Employers must learn the latest changes in Labor market Opinion program

For all those employers looking forward to hire a temporary worker from a foreign land, the important news is the changes in the LMO Application process.

They must also be informed that the Government is more strict and aware of the rules of regulations to ensure that no vacancy is generated without considering the Canadians for the same. And therefore hiring a foreign worker is going to get even more difficult.

Changes in the LMO Rules
• Employers would need to pay $275 as fee for hiring every single temporary foreign worker.
• The time taken for hiring would get longer, because an employer need to advertise the vacant positions for a minimum of 4 weeks in a row, before he submits an application for LMO.

The vacancy should be announced on national Job Banks or it can be done so provincial or territorial counterpart of the same. However, an employer is given the advantage of not opening the positions of senior level on Job banks.

• Apart from advertising on Job bakes, the employer must use a minimum of 2 methods of recruitment.
• An employer needs to provide relevant information about wages he is going to give.
• The advertisements about job openings can remain open for the Canadians till the day an employer receives a confirmation on LMO.
• An employer cannot ask for the knowledge of any other language than English or French from a temporary foreign worker applicant.

The effect of changes on the employers
• If an employer does not meet all the criteria then his application will stand cancelled, which includes things like continuing with the advertisement for at least 4 weeks.
• The job listing should entail the details of salary or wages, the number of working hours, working conditions and even the name of the employer. However, there could be constraints and adverse impacts of flashing the salary openly, but, this is done toe ensure transparency for the immigrants coming to work here.
• If an employer is found not be complying with the rules then he may be banned for as many as two years from recruiting foreign workers.
• The new rules also suggest that there should be additional employer attestations on the form to ensure that the employer would comply with the requirements of TFWP.
• Employers are advised to meet all the requirements to avoid any kind of penalty coming their way.

Temporary Foreign Worker program is a great way to fill up the vacancies and get the work done, when an employer is not able to get a worker in Canada itself. However, looking at the misled and irregularities, the Government decided to make things difficult and firm for the employers. This is all an effort to avoid any falsification and for the foreign workers to receive their dues without getting hassled on a freeing land. Employers must comply with the rules to avoid any kind of charge or penalty.