Employers may hire through Temporary Foreign Worker Program soon

June may begin with a good news and relaxation for many business owners and employers in Canada. The news of ending moratorium on Temporary Foreign Worker Program in the beginning of June this year is indeed great news for many who could not fill up the labor shortage due to a closure applied on this program. Employers had been in a fix after the application of moratorium on this program since April this year.

Announcing the end of moratorium
Westlock St. Paul MP Brian Storseth talked about the program in front of a gathering of business owners and employers.
He assured the gathering that the changes would be communicated with all the major stakeholders, especially the business owners and employers.

He justified the moratorium as the need of the hour because the Government wanted to bring modifications in the program.

About the exact date

Prince George-peace River MP Bob Zimmer said that the exact date is not fixed as yet. He said that the Government is looking for a solution by next month.

He also informed that a solution discovered should get approval from the cabinet because Employment Minister Jason Kenney it by early days of the next month.

Appeal from stakeholders
Chambers of Commerce and businesses in Canada have been appealing to reverse the decision of moratorium on TFWP. The request was made immediately after the Government had put a moratorium when it understood that the program was being abused by Canadian employers.
Commerce chambers in the northern part of the country feel that they are being punished for something they never did.

The expected changes
Experts believe that Jason Kenney may ask the employers to pay temporary foreign workers more than the minimum wage and eligibility program may also be reviewed and made a part of unemployment rate in the region.

The program would be regionalized as expressed by an expert. This change would be a welcoming one as per the opinion made by a business owner.
It is also expected that the speed of processing and approving LMOs would be increased after the moratorium is lifted.
Storseth said that regionalizing the program would be beneficial because the need of any two provinces of the country would not be exactly the same.

The large effect
The moratorium on TFWP would not only affect the owners who misused the program but also those who were sincere about following the rules and regulations.

Business owners need to advocate the program, because this is the source to fill up labor shortage in the country.
Businesses in Canada had faced a major setback after they learnt about moratorium in April this year. This was introduced after a number of noncompliance cases noticed by the Government. However, the decision affected even those who were not at fault. With the latest announcement made, the business owners and employers in the country are quite hopeful that they would be able to hire through Temporary Foreign Worker Program very soon.