Employers to face tough consequences for misusing TFW program

Ottawa tightens noose on the employers because of whom the Canadians have lost jobs to temporary foreign workers.

Flaw in the system
A labor group informs that temporary foreign worker system is being misused, because of which many of the Canadians have lost jobs.
However, claims are being made about dozens of Canadian workers being rehired by many of Oil Sands Company.

The investigation

Government informs that an investigation has begun to understand if 65 workers employed with Imperial oil’s Karl project. It was reported that these workers were replaced by temporary foreign workers who were paid half the amount of what the Canadian workers have been drawing.

However, an official from the Employment and Social Development Department informs that the dismissed workers were offered jobs elsewhere in the project. The statement is contrary with Alberta federation of Labor, which says that not every labour has been re-instated.

The assurance
The company around which the controversy revolves assures that every Canadian who has lost a job in the project to a temporary foreign worker would be given a job. But till now the company seems to be having made no effort to contact the Labor Association about rehiring the workers and there seem to be no solid program about the same.

The blame game
The company blames a subcontractor for hiring a temporary foreign worker with the thought of the step being justified and legal. However, it has been done unknowingly as reported by the company.
In fact, the company expresses its regret over the issue which it assures was done with no mal-intention.
An official from the company informs that the recruited temporary foreign workers should have been assigned other tasks than the ones which have been taken away from Canadian workers. And this would have led to no controversy at all.

Regulations in place
With the aim of curbing atrocities by employers, Ottawa introduced a regulation in December of last year. This step was to empower Government officials for conducting inspections at workplace even without carrying a warrant against a company and they were given the right blacklist a company.

The officials were also empowered to question a temporary foreign worker about the facilities and conditions they were working under. Also, they have been awarded rights to ask for any relevant documents from employers too. All this is done to ensure if hiring process is done by maintaining rules and regulations.

Temporary Foreign Worker program is meant to ease out the difficulty of Canadian employers so that they can fill up vacancies. There have been cases when vacancies do not get filled and the work gets stuck.

To combat the situation TFWP has been introduced. However, an employer can hire a foreign worker only if he does not get one from Canadian origin. In the above mentioned case, there has been defiance from the rules of TFWP and hence Government is committed to investigate the course of action.

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