Edmonton provide summer jobs for International Students

Canada has always been referred to as a welcoming country for the immigrants. And of course there are places like Edmonton the “Oil Capital of Canada” which make huge contributions in getting appreciation for the country.

Edmonton being a favorable place for international students

Some of the reasons making Edmonton a huge attraction for international students re mentioned below:
Courses available
• There are number of colleges offering a wide range of syllabus related to oil and gas fields and yet there is shortage of professional and skilled workers in these sectors.
• There are opportunities available in the fields of Information technology, banking, biotechnology and many other upcoming fields which is rarely fulfilled by the local population. Hence, there is always a need of international population to fulfill the vacancies.

Employment opportunities

The Immigrants coming to Edmonton rarely find it difficult to locate a job for them as there are vacancies galore.

But, one needs to get prepared that the job offers are made on “first come first serve basis” and this mainly due to the job demands being vacant for a long while. Especially in the retail sector the job offers are promptly made on this basis.

Availability of Summer Jobs

Edmonton offers great opportunities to those post-secondary students who look for a summer job. They can easily get a job and can raise money according to their needs.

Federal Government has initiated Canada Summer Jobs Program which favors students and even the international ones to get a job as easily as possible.

Special features of Canada Summer Jobs Program

This program helps students in the age range of 15 to 30 years who have taken up a full time study program to get a job during their summer vacations as fast as possible.

The Program support small employers who have less than 50 numbers of employees. These employers receiving help from Federal Government should belong to either public sector or private sector.

For 2013, the application will be received in the month of February and they would be assessed in March of this year. The timings are worker out in such a manner that students can be hired in May of 2013.

Assessment of Canada Summer Job Proposals

The job should serve to the local communities so that the priorities at local level can be supported. The jobs should provide relevant experience related to their studs to the students. Another aim of the jobs should be strengthen the students economically so that they meet their needs.

Summer Job Programs are aimed at strengthening the students, both national and international students. The program is beneficial for the employers too, as they not only provide training to the hired students but also get their work done at a comprehensive price which otherwise would have coasted them more.

Places like Edmonton, are favored and chosen by many of the international students due to the facilities which make their settlement process easier than otherwise it would have been.