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With the aim of helping people get latest happenings and any changes in immigration in different parts of the world, Canadaupdates has its offices located in Canada as well as in India. No wonder, it enjoys a global clientele and is pleased to have helped numerous visa applicants from almost every nation on the globe.

Some of the popular news section of Canadaupdates are latest top stories, health and lifestyle of immigrants in different nations and their comparison with their natives, job scenario in different nations, latest announcements made by different immigration departments concerning changes in the immigration rules, immigration laws being flouted in different nations and so on.

The focus of all these news sections is to extend latest happenings in different nations of the world to help prospective immigrants get knowledge and help them make appropriate decisions while choosing the nation they want to immigrate in the near future.

So, check in today at Canadaupdates because it’s your window to the world.

Harleen Kaur 

Harleen Kaur is a freelance content writer with an experience of nearly 7 years in content writing. A Masters in English language, she joined the editorial team of as a writer in 2009. Before that, she had been writing articles and content for various sites. She also has experience in writing blogs, forums, press releases, product descriptions etc. She loves to explore various immigration issues and bring them to the fore. 

Christine M 

Christine M is a freelancer based in United Kingdom. Possessing a degree in Journalism, Christine went on to write several articles and news stories for dailies before joining as a writer.  

Mary Jones 

Mary Jones is a talented writer based in Canada. Backed by a degree in English literature, Mary loves to dwell on subjects varying from social life of immigrants to the healthcare and job scenario for the immigrants in Canada. Mary makes it a point never to miss any latest happening in the lives of immigrants in Canada and even United States.  

Guneet S 

Guneet S is a content writer and editor based in the United States for nearly 8 years. She possesses a degree in journalism and has been awarded with many literary awards during her college days. She quit working for a reputed daily before joining in October 2009. The ability to handle different aspects of immigrants’ lives with equal ease is what makes Guneet a skilled writer.

Amy Stokes, Features/News Reporter

Amy Stokes joined the news team of Canadaupdates in January 2009. Amy belongs to Rochester and is armed with an honours degree in English. She also holds a post-graduate degree in English. After spending around three years working as a journalist, she joined Canadaupdates. She also worked for a renowned publication and was awarded for her excellent literary contributions. Her other interests apart from the job of a news reporter include enjoying music and learning French.

Michelle S, Features Editor

Michelle S became part of the Canadaupdates team in July 2008 after working for different news dailies in London. Michelle has an experience of almost 9 years in the field of journalism. She is entrusted with overseeing the features relating to cover stories and current affairs relating with various aspects of immigration so as to give updated information to the readers the world over. She has an honours degree in Journalism from the University of Westminster.

Florence Gibbs, Features/News Reporter

Florence Gibbs is involved in covering latest immigration-related events at national as well as local level. Hailing from Dublin but now based in Minnesota, United States, she loves to work even on weekends. She works in co-ordination with the regional reporters of the team. She has to her credit several awards for her contributions in the field of journalism. She also loves working as a commentator to television programmes.

Patricia R, Senior News Reporter

Florence Gibbs has been working for Canadaupdates as a senior news reporter for the last 2 years. She also has worked as a community reporter covering different aspects of life and style of immigrants in Cork. She is in-charge of editing the health and community supplement of the site. A Masters degree in English and a degree in journalism are the distinguishing traits of her educational career. She is a native of Canterbury.


John Lacuesta is a registered nurse by profession. He is in fact a clinical instructor in a state university. He was known in his college years as an eloquent speaker. He has always been the school’s extemporaneous representative. At the present, he is a married man with 2 very beautiful children; one son and one daughter. His wife is a medical technologist in a prominent hospital in their place.

With the genuine pursuit to succeed in life, he started writing in the university’s school publication and was granted multiple awards for being able to capture the readers’ attention especially in the opinion section. Driven with so much passion in writing, he applied to be a writer in the city’s newspaper, later, hired to be a writer in that newspaper in the opinion section.


Coming from an Asian heritage hails a writer whose life has been devoted to pen and paper. Kate Cantos is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication. She is 27 years old and single. She is the only daughter of 3 children. Her father is a retired chemical engineer and her mother is a nurse working in the United States.

Kate started her love for writing when she was 7 years old. She started writing poems in her elementary years and later won many prestigious awards. When she reached high school she contributed some articles in their school paper. Her writing skill was then honed even more when she studied college. Writing was one of the main activities in her course.


Kenny Sunga is a licensed mechanical engineer but has pursued writing as part of his career. Although not into intensive writing, his skill was recognized during his college years. Some could not believe that a person so good in math is also having an excellent English writing career at the same time. Not to mention, he contributed many articles in their school paper which made him famous in his college years.

Kenny grew up as an independent boy because his parents got separated when he was still very young. He was living with his grandmother until he became a professional. His situation did limit him from fulfilling his goals. It made him a person of determination, perseverance and hard work. At the age 30 he has already accomplished much in his career; starting as a low rank employee, now already a department head.


She is a naturally born writer. Sammy Buenaventura is still 23 years old, single, but has proven her capability to write different genres in article writing since grade school. Having garnered multiple writing awards, she was exempted to many school activities. Instead, she was given time to write original articles for the school portfolio. Before she graduated, her works were compiled and served a great accomplishment for the school.

Sammy, in her secondary education started making declamatory speeches for her classmates. Through that, she was able to earn little to supply for her own personal needs.