Economic immigrants to be favored through Expression of Interest System

In a meeting held by Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Ministers which was chaired by Chris Alexander the top priority was to attract the best of economic immigrants to the country.

The meeting was co-chaired by Thomas Lukaszuk, who is Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour Minister for Alberta. All present in the meeting strongly felt the need and hence recommend the entry of immigrants who match up the skills need of the country.

The Ministers ended the meeting with the resolution of meeting again by the end of this year.

Expression of Interest (EOI) system

t was pledged that EOI would be made even stronger to recruit more and more of immigrants with variety of skills. The members present in the meeting expressed that the needs of labor market could be filled up by attracting immigrants possessing skills across various trades, and this is the key to economic growth of the country as well.

EOI is one such effort and a system that connects the skilled immigrants looking for an opportunity to come to Canada and for the country to reach out to such people.

The system which would be launched in January of 2015 needs a strong plan and a platform. Ministers plan to work in cohesion with the employers so that the right kind of immigrants could be hired for filling up the vacancies in labor market.

EOI would remain a strong base to meet the demands of Canadian Labour Market.

The role of EOI in past
Way back in 2012, more than 40,000 provincial nominees were admitted here along with their families. This number was only 13,500 till 2006.

In 2012 a similar meeting was held where FPT ministers had taken almost a similar pledge. It was discussed that EOI will play potential role in helping transform the Immigration system of the country by providing more and more of opportunities for FPT employers and even the Government. This is one system which could create a pool of skilled workers, where from the employers can choose pick them according to the need.

It was also discussed that immigration plays a vital role in providing economic strength to the nation and making it more productive, which will ultimately lead to long term prosperity.

The facilities under EOI
An Immigrant is supported with the services before arriving to Canada, they get recognition for the qualification they hold and language training services are provided as well. All this helps them in settling and integrating with Canadian society faster and even in a smoother way.

Canada does not want to leave any option that would make its economy stronger than before and hence it is pledged to take up any program which encourages this kind of a growth. Therefore, Expression of Interest finds a special place in meetings of Ministers in charge for this sector. The aim is to attract the best of the talents and skills from all across the world so that the productivity is increased by leaps and bounds.