Easier UK visa proposals for bringing elderly relatives

And there are proposals for introducing simpler UK visa rules for bringing spouses into the UK.

Allow immigrants move their extended families into the UK—The UK must allow immigrants to move their extended families into the UK easily.

This has been proposed by the UK Liberal Democrats. Lib Democrats want simplified UK immigration norms for enabling elderly grandparents of immigrants to move to the UK.

And there are proposals for introducing easier rules for migrants to help bring spouses to live with them in the UK. All such proposals are in response to the recent decision of the UK government for increasing the income threshold to £22,400 from the earlier £18,600 for bringing spouse to the UK. Its being maintained that around fifty percent of the UK population is unlikely to fulfill this new income threshold.

Proposed UK immigration reforms want lower income threshold for migrants wanting to bring in their spouses to the UK along with a new Super Visa for bringing elderly grandparents to come and live in the UK for two years.

UK Grandparent Super Visa needed—Some of the other proposed UK visa reforms include introduction of a new UK Grandparent Super Visa. Such UK visas would allow ageing relatives of the migrants in the UK to join their children for a period of up to two years.

Canada already has such a Grandparents Super Visa for helping immigrants’ parents and grandparents come to Canada and live with their immigrant children in Canada.

Current UK visa rules do not allow elderly relatives to spend time with their immigrant children in the UK. However, by having a new Super Visa, the UK can become an attractive destination for high skilled and rich migrants to settle down in the UK and benefit the nation’s economy, states the policy paper of the Liberal Democrats.

Other proposals—Some other proposed reforms by the UK Liberal Democrats include giving the right to work to asylum seekers living in the UK for more than six months duration.

A right to live and work in the UK for three years should be made available to international graduates in mathematics, engineering, technology or science after successful completion of their study course. Meanwhile, such suggestions are going to attract criticism due to already tough scenario for finding jobs in the UK by recent graduates.

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