Easier Japan permanent residency rules for foreign professionals

Yes, that’s certainly great news for many aspirants of Japan Permanent residency.

Easier Japan Permanent Residency rules—Relaxed rules will be introduced for Japan permanent residency.

This will help several skilled foreigners to gain Japan permanent residency easily.

Becoming a Japan Permanent Resident will be easier now thanks to latest proposals for having simpler requirements for foreign professionals.

For this, Japan government has plans to introduce a new bill for changing Japan immigration rules. Three years stay for corporate managers, highly skilled professionals as well as highly skilled researchers will find it very easy to become Japan permanent residents.

New rules will ensure that the earlier requirement of five years of stay in Japan will be replaced by just three years of stay in Japan for gaining Japan Permanent residency. Isn’t it amazing?

Live for three years in Japan to become Japan permanent resident--This will be for foreign researchers who are pursuing advanced information technologies and cutting-edge medical technologies, top managers of global firms and those involved in developing new materials.

To clarify, by the term highly skilled foreigners, we mean to say researchers, professors, business managers, IT personnel and other highly skilled people. Japan requires any foreign nationals to have a stay period of more than 10 years for gaining Japan permanent residency.

And for highly skilled professional, this time duration for gaining Japan permanent residency is currently five years.

The move is going to increase global competitiveness of Japan by attracting more and more foreign skilled professionals for becoming Japan permanent residents. And this will prove to be a big boost for the economy of the nation.

It may be worth mentioned that in the month of May, 2012, Japan had introduced a new ‘point based system’ for enabling foreigners with high skill-sets to gain Japan permanent residency by living in Japan for a consecutive period of five years.

And those getting 70 or higher points are given preference for the purpose of Japan permanent residency.

Factors for Japan permanent residency under point-based system include educational qualifications, work experience, research performance and history of salary earned by the foreigner (highly skilled foreigner) concerned.

And the best thing about this points-based system is that it also makes the individual get perks like bringing a parent into Japan (as a dependent), ability for the spouse to get work in Japan and several others.

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