Easier California licensing rules for immigrants

The bill forwarded by Senator Ricardo Lara will help provide professional licenses to undocumented immigrants in California quite easily.

Bill to enable undocumented immigrants practice in healthcare, other professions in California—California’s new bill SB-1159 will help undocumented immigrants gain professional licenses for practising healthcare and several other professions in this US state.

The new bill SB-1159 will enable undocumented immigrants to get licensed as nurses, barbers, psychologists, security guards, dentists, pharmacists and 30 other professions.

Already, undocumented immigrants in California enjoy the privilege of attending California public university by paying in-state tuition fees and also get financial assistance as per the Dream Act(California). However, undocumented immigrants are still not allowed to start their practice in the chosen field of training.

Thanks to Senator Ricardo Lara’s latest bill, even this would become a reality soon. So, undocumented immigrants(immigrants not having any Social Security Numbers) will be getting the facility to practice as health care professionals and about 30 other occupations in California soon.

Aim for self sufficiency, economic mobility for undocumented immigrants--This will help, undoubtedly, to eliminate any barrier that undocumented immigrants face while getting professional licenses and help them in realising their optimum potential.

The bill will help in providing self-sufficiency and economic mobility to undocumented immigrants in California, said Senator Lara. As per the available figures(Public Policy Institute of California), nearly 1.85 million people in California’s workforce happen to be undocumented immigrants.

And having a valid Social Security Number is a requirement for gettign medical license in California. But, thanks to the new bill, nearly 40 occupational licensing boards in California will recognise a federal taxpayer identification number as a valid proof of identity rather than a Social Security Number.

Seven Republicans have favored the bill by Senator Lara while it was abstained by five GOP members.

Opponents of Bill SB 1159—Rather than enacting tougher requirements for undocumented immigrants, California is simplifying rules for luring more foreigners to enter this US state, the opponents of the SB 1159 allege.

An official spokesperson for Federation of American Immigration Reform, Ira Mehlman said that the state is doing all it can to eliminate any distinction between those who are here legally and those who are undocumented. Its simply sending a message to the world to come here through undocumented ways.