Eased US immigration rules for asylum seekers

Yes, this is the latest US immigration news.

US immigration rules simplified for would-be asylum seekers—Potential immigrants to the US with limited terrorist links will have easier US immigration rules. This has been revealed by the US administration.

So, the new easier US immigration rules will be welcome surprise for would-be asylum seekers, refugees and those wanting to come and live in the US. In addition, those who had offered limited support to terrorist groups or terrorist will also be facing simpler US immigration rules.

US immigration rules will now get simpler for potential immigrants who would be asylum-seekers or wanting to come and live in the US.

This is certainly a big relief by the US government since those who had offered limited material support or help to the terrorists or their groups will not get barred from coming or living in the US.

It may be worth notable that after the September 11 provision of the US immigration law(9/11 law named ‘terrorism related inadmissibility grounds), the US had been barring all those involved from staying or coming to the US(even those seeking to change their US immigration status).

Checks on refuge-seekers, asylum-seekers by US –Meanwhile, it needs to be noted that the US will still carry out checks on refuge-seekers or those seeking asylum in the US irrespective of the fact whether they are already in the US or want to come to the US.

This will be done to ensure there is no threat to the public safety and security of the US from all such people, the US Homeland Security Department clarified. Refugee applicants still are subject to increased security checking than other travelers to the US, said Peter Boogard, official spokesperson of the US Homeland Security.

So, there is no change in the multilayered and rigorous security screening by the US even now, he added. The US officials will be considering whether the help or support by such individuals was limited or part of the routine social or commercial transactions or not.

Relaxed US immigration rule—a big relief—The latest US immigration ruling comes in as a welcoming relief for many. Consider, for example, the case of 49-year-old Morteza Assadi, a real estate agent based in North Virginia. Assadi’s application for US Green Card has been held for almost ten years or so.

Reason? He was involved in distributing of fliers supporting a mujahedeen group in early 1980s. He accepts that it was during his teenage that he did so adding that teenagers do have different mindsets.

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