Drop in the number of deportation: Does it reflect mismanagement?

An estimate says that there are almost 60,000 to 250,000 illegal immigrants who are out of track from the hands of officials. It is said that CBSA has almost lost any track on these illegal entities in the country. Only 40,000 of them were identified but again got lost.

Experts believe that many of them were caught and then allowed to go and now there is no trace of them, in spite of them present here, on Canadian soil.

And some also don’t argue against the statement that there could be even larger number of them remained unnoticed.

The future
Experts express their concern that this number could rise even further, only a year back when many of the temporary foreign workers would see the expiry of their visas.

The various kinds of people
There are various kinds of people who make up for the illegal entities in the country. There are some who come here on a temporary work visa, finish off the same but don’t return back to their country of origin.

There are people who come here on a proper visa, seek permission to bring their families along for a short while, but, even if the visa gets expired, their families don’t return back.

Drop in the number of removal

Removal of illegal immigrants has dropped by more than 25% in compared to last year, as mentioned in a report. Toronto shows a major drop by reaching the figure of more than 30%.

Across the nation 5,000 less people have been deported this year in compared to last year. Toronto alone deported 3,000 less number of people than what it did last year.

There was a projection of more than 17,000 people being deported by CBSA.

Potential causes
A former immigration official says that it is largely due to mismanagement that such crooks are rarely deported.
The official suggests that the officers on job could be paid an incentive for catching illegal immigrants and deporting them out of Canada.

Impact of illegal immigrants
The presence of illegal immigrant’s expert more of tax pressure on the tax payers. It is the tax payers who have to pay for the facilities utilized by these illegal entities in the country.

Claims made by CBSA
CBSA says that they have deported more than 100,000 illegal immigrants in the last seven to eight years period, which they affirm to be quite a big number. And hence, they don’t want to answer to any kind of false allegations made on them.

Handling deportation has been an uphill task for CBSA officials. It calls for a lot of effort for them because it is quite difficult to catch upon people and identify them as illegal entities. However, the presence of such people is detrimental for the growth of the country because they pick up a large share of the national resources in very many ways. The drop in the number of deportation is actually an alarm from the officials and Department handling the matter.

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