Don’t trust unscrupulous notaries public—Undocumented immigrants warned

And the US is leaving no stone unturned to spread awareness among young undocumented immigrants making applications for deportation relief.

Undocumented immigrants targets of immigrant scams--Taking the benefit of inadequate knowledge of undocumented immigrants with regard to rules governing US Deferred Action, a large number of notaries and lawyers are enticing them to pay as much as around $4,000 for useless legal formalities.

This has come to the notice of several social advocacy groups.

According to Clarissa Martinez De Castro, director of immigration and national campaigns at the National Council of La Raza, a civil rights organization in Washington, unscrupulous people make such offers to cheat undocumented immigrants in the US.

Beware of liars—US warns Undocumented immigrants—The US administration is taking a serious view of such attempts of fraud against undocumented immigrants. Speaking about the issue, New York secretary of state Cesar A Perales said it is being seized as a golden opportunity for defrauders.

Several immigration advocates are asking undocumented immigrants to avoid getting any legal advice from any notary, notaries cannot offer legal guidance to immigrants, says Santa Clara Country Human Relations Department’s Monica Lima.

The fact is that there is nothing as any expedited processing for getting selected under US Deferred Action plan.

The worst thing is undocumented immigrants who are victims of such frauds hesitate to approach just for the fear of getting deported, says Santa Clara Country Supervising Deputy District Attorney, Yen Dang.

Obama’s Deferred Action plan—As per the new process of Deferred Action Plan, undocumented immigrants will not face deportation provided they had come to the US before attaining 16 years of age, are currently below 30 years, don’t have any criminal records in the past, are US high school graduates or possess a GED or have served in the military and have stayed in the US for a minimum of five years at a stretch

Nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants brought to the US as kids fulfilling eligibility criteria are likely to be benefitted from the US Deferred Action plan.

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