Does the country have enough jobs to offer the Skilled Immigrants?

There are case studies entailing he stories of immigrants holding valuable degrees like Engineering graduation and even a post-graduation, yet they find it difficult to get a matching job in the country in spite of struggling for almost a decade. Such people have digressed from reputed Universities in China and Japan, and have a work experience for a long time in their own field.

Allow entering but not preferred

Probably this is the policy adopted by the country wherein almost 250,000 immigrants come from a large number of countries across the world. Some on a temporary basis and some as permanent residents.

When the population of the country was studied, it was found that as many as 20% of it is originally from a foreign land. And yet, they are found to be settling down with menial jobs not because they are making money but it helps them to survive.

The statistics
The immigrants are found to be highly educated when compared with those born here.
When a data was compiled on unemployment, it was found that this rate was four times higher than the native born for the immigrants who had freshly come to the country.
There are experts sharing that the non-availability of jobs could lead to marred intention of multiculturalism.

A study from RBC suggests that almost 14% of immigrants arrive from China and 12% from India. These countries are followed by Philippines which represents by marking a presence of 7% of the immigrants.

Possible reason behind not hiring immigrant’s employees
A study indicates that
• Employers prefer immigrants with proficiency in either English or French. There are large number of immigrants who have a strong degree and work experience but they lack in fluency of any of the two official languages of the country. And hence they give preference to those who are fluent with the language.
• Employers prefer employees with experience in Canada rather than any other country.
• An applicant holding an experience of four to six years from a Canadian firm was preferred and then an employer did not even look back at his education whether it has been from Canada or some other country.
• Applicants with English names were preferred for Interview request 40% more than those with a Chinese or Indian or Pakistani name.

Disappointments for newcomers
Newcomers come with great hope of getting a relevant and well paid job in the country. But they remain unaware that the huge experience gained out of Canada and the credentials would not be of much help to avail a job or attract the employers in Canada.

Canada is a land of immigrants, there are many who come with a long experience and high qualification, yet they land up getting stuck into survival jobs. Employers in the country give high importance to language proficiency in which these newcomers do not fair well. In the process everything gets stuck and they land up feeling disappointed.

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