Do you qualify as a skilled worker to Canada?

Well, come along with us to know the various requirements for Canada skilled worker program.

Reforms likely to Canada’s Skilled Worker Program—Canada is considering a few changes to its skilled worker program. Under this immigration program, skilled foreign workers can come, live and work in Canada subject to fulfillment of conditions of Canada immigration.

The changes to Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program under consideration currently may still get reviewed before becoming effective shortly.

Selection criteria for Canada skilled worker program—Any non-Canadian will be assessed on the basis of six selection factors for getting qualified under Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program. An applicant needs to have a minimum of 67 points in order to qualify for immigration under Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Let us see which are these qualifying factors as well as Now let us see division of points for the above mentioned eligibility factors—

• Age- Maximum points for age have been increased to 12 from 10. Canada government wants to allow younger immigrants to get an edge over others since they are going to stay longer in Canadian workforce

• Education—Points for education will be provided by assessing applicant’s credentials against similar Canada credentials. However, maximum points will remain 25.

Arranged employment in Canada-Maximum points for this factor are10 with no change by the government. The only change is the changed screening system. ;

•Experience-Maximum points for work experience will go down to 15 from the earlier 25.

• Adaptability-Maximum points for this factor are 10. Now, spouse’s adaptability will also get points;

• Proficiency in French and/or English— English and/or French proficiency—Maximum points for this factor will be 28 from the earlier 16 points. It may be worth notable that changes to this immigration program will give higher importance to language proficiency of immigrants.

For those who get a total score of less than 67 points for Canada Federal Skilled Worker program, there is no need for disappointment. They can forward a letter writing their scores in detail to the Canadian government for getting a final decision from the concerned official.