Do you need a re-entry visa to return to Canada from another country?

However, the temporary Canadian residents who are returning from the United States do not require a re-entry visa to Canada.

When citizens of countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia and other countries visit Canada, they need to apply for visa to enter or transit Canada. These citizens, if they have a temporary or are permanent residents of Canada do not require re-entry visa to return to Canada. A majority of students and scholars of the US do not also need any re-entry visa if they visit Canada.

Citizens of countries of Austria, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and other few countries who may work in Canada do not require a re-entry visa to enter Canada. A person from United States and who has lawfully applied to the United States for permanent residence do not require a re-entry visa to Canada. Even British citizens and British overseas citizens do not require any visa to visit Canada nor do they require a re-entry visa to visit Canada from another country.

In addition to that, citizens of Israel who hold an Israeli passport and citizens who hold an ordinary passport having the personal identification number issued by the ministry of foreign Affairs in Taiwan does not require a visa to enter Canada. Citizens who hold a biometric passport issued by Lithuania or Poland do not require a visa to visit Canada. People who travel to Canada or re enter Canada need to have proper documentation and files.

Temporary foreign workers who look forward to visit their home country for a time period need have their visa for re-entry, if they belong to the countries citizens of which need to have a visa to enter Canada. If the person requires a visa to enter Canada and a work permit to legally work in Canada, then the person can re-enter Canada to work as long as the visa and the work permit are valid when the person returns.

The passport of such a person also needs to be a valid one for re-entering Canada. In case if the visa of the person has expired and the work permit is still valid, the person will have to apply for another temporary resident visa in order to return Canada. If the work permit has expired and the visa is valid, then a new work permit is required. In absence of any of these, the person would not be allowed to enter Canada.

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