Discrimination in Tuition Charges: The Costly Difference

It may be preliminary to state that college-bound students, who are being charged out-of-state tuition based on their parents’ immigration status, are being discriminated but the practice seems to be indicate that opportunity for legal students is being reclassified.

It has been indicated that the University of South Carolina charges for out-of-state annual tuition is $17,670 higher than the in-state tuition rate. The College of Charleston’s has an out-of-state tuition that is $16,464 higher. For a Trident Technical College student taking 12 to 15 credits, it would cost $1,695 more with the out-of-state tuition rates imposed.

The students who can’t prove their parents’ federal immigration status face this and a majority of them are not emotionally prepared to fight the battle. It is not entirely about the financial discrimination only.

All of the children would be born in the state and raised in the state. Let the federal authorities decide their status. There are suitable immigration legislation that require proof of citizenship for employment in South Carolina and there are law enforcement agencies with the power to demand proof of citizenship. How does the education Commission for Higher Education get into deciding the discriminating factors and impose financial difficulties on the parents of the children which is accompanied with infliction of mental agony on young minds.

For the sake of contrast let us understand the very ethos of education besides the legal and social understanding. Scholars emphasize the values of equality, justice, reciprocity and collaboration in human well being. Yet as members of an organization they are also involved in creating abundance in profitability and overall progress of the state. Now what is being achieved by creation of this discrimination? Virtually no importance is being given to enhancing education. The deviance is not indicative of any positivity but rather pushes the society towards negative spirals. What would these children do and think once they have grown up and find themselves in positions influence?

It is good to state that an equitable and positive education system with a diverse array set on uniform platform will further broaden inclusion and cohesiveness among citizens. It will also go a long way to employee commitment once these students grow up and reflect positively on correct leadership development and ultimate state performance and profitability.

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