Difference between K1 and K3 Visa

Well, we will provide answer to all your queries or things that you need to know about US K1 and US K3 visas.

What is K1 Visa?—First of all, we would like to inform you about US K1 visa. US K1 visa is meant for fiances of US citizens. It is meant for any US citizen wanting to bring his or her fiancee to the US on a US visa.

The point to be notable in this regard is that as a US citizen wanting to bring your fiancee to the US on a K1 visa, you must have intention to get married to your fiancee in the US. So, US K1 visa can also be called as K1 Fiance(e) visa.

US K3 visa—US K3 visa is meant for the partners who are already married and one partner living in the US wants to bring his or her spouse to the US.

So, K3 visa, also known as K3 Marriage visa is for those who are already married or who intend to get married in the native country of their loved one before they settle down in the US.

US K1 visa is also called US K1 Fiance(e) visa and US K3 Visa is also known as US K3 marriage visa for bringing one’s fiance or one’s spouse to the US respectively.

K1 visa and K3 visas— Advantages and disadvantages–The most significant benefit of this US visa is that it allows both the partners to help spend greater time in the US together before they get bound legally.

To be clear, a 90-day courtship window is provided to couples before the marriage takes place. It is during such period that the fiancee(who is a foreigner) can stay in the US. Also, K1 visas get approved quite faster than K3 visas.

However, in case of K1 Visa, the fiancee(who is a foreigner) will have to move back to his or her native nation if both the partners don’t mary within 90 days window period. K3 visa offers immediate US residency to the foreign married partner.

And this also allows the partner to travel back and forth to the US and his or her native nation freely. The application process of K3 visa includes two steps and documents need to be translated into the foreign nation’s language.