Is deportation for even minor offence for immigrants’ too harsh penalty?

Provinces having cities with sanctuary status have attracted the attention of experts, especially by those who believe that even illegal immigrants should follow laws.

Some cities have declared themselves to be sanctuary in terms of not taking action against illegal immigrants and the Government is all set to oppose these cities.

Respect for the law
Government firmly believes that the immigration rules should be followed by individuals and cities too and any such issue should be dealt with strictness.

Every city of the country has an obligation towards the rest of the country to maintain and respect Immigration law and order.

However, the treatment towards any law breaker who is an illegal immigrant could be structured to ensure that there is coherence between the degree of guilt and a suitable punishment instead of absolutely deporting the culprit.

The tax burden
For any illegal immigrant present in the country, the tax burden comes on the people who are paying their taxes genuinely.
Such illegal entities that are present here are using up the national resources and are not akin any taxes for the same. The ones who are sincere with their dues get overburdened in spite of no fault of theirs.

Making a mistake unknowingly
There are cases when immigrants make a mistake even without being aware of it. Only a few months back two students were deported back from Canada for working illegally, to which they say that they were never aware of the same.

For the Government the option is either to let them be the way they have been or to deport them. Probably a missing link is needed which could be somewhere between the two approaches. Turning a blind eye would be damage to the rules and regulations of the country and deporting for a mistake they made unknowingly is observed to be a too harsh decision.

Reform in penalty
The need of the hour is to bring in reform in penalty awarded in cases similar to one mentioned above. There is a provision of asking for fine from those who break the law, but, it has never been taken into use while dealing with such cases.

Experts suggest that the violations and offenses that are minor in nature could be left after giving a warning or asking to pay a fine. If the accuse is reported to repeat the crime or offense again then he or she can be deported back to his or her home country.

There are cases when official get strict on someone coming to buy a medicine, and serious issues are tackled with a “sanctuary approach”.

Dealing with illegal immigrants quite firmly is what many Canadians would prefer because they have to bear the brunt of taxes on behalf of someone who has no connection with them. However, the punishment could be decided according to the magnitude of the crime or offense and a harsh penalty like deportation could be reserved as the ultimate step taken by the officials.

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