Denial of Spouse’s US Green Card

And you want to know the reason for such denial by the US immigration department? Well, we will explain the whole issue in detail here with regard to denial of US immigrant visa or US Green Card.

US Green Card denial—Denial of a US immigrant visa or a US Green Card to a non-citizen spouse of a US citizen(or a US Permanent Resident) by the US immigration authorities is a matter of serious concern for married partners wanting to reunite in the US and live here.

US Green Card or US non-immigrant visa denial for any non US citizen spouse can prove to be a matter of worry as it means living away from his or her spouse.

Reasons for US Green Card denial—Reasons for denial of US Green Card or US immigrant visa can be varied. Some of the common reasons for denial of the US Green Card or US immigrant visa to a non-US citizen spouse by the US immigration authorities could be that the marriage does not appear to be bona-fide or due to any health reasons.

So, the applicant is asked by the US immigration authorities to provide further evidence/proof/documents for knowing the validity of the case.

Denied US Green Card/US immigrant visa at US Consulate—If the US Consulate or a US embassy in the native nation of the applicant has denied the application for a US immigrant visa or a US Green Card, then there is no facility of direct appeal. So, in such a scenario, the best bet is correcting the problem that led to denial of the US immigrant visa or US Green Card.

Denied adjustment of status in the US—In case, an application for the US Green Card at any office of the USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services) within the US has been denied, there is facility of direct appeal as well.

Nonetheless, a request for reopening your case can be done by your attorney and a change in the earlier decision by the US immigration authorities can be possible if you provide new information or more documents.

Also, you have the facility of reapplying for correting the earlier problem.

But, you need to be aware of the fact that your spouse is likely to face deportation proceedings if she or he has been in the US without any valid US visa. You will have no option but to present any immigration judge with the application in detail.

And you may be asked to testify or get witnesses.

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