Demand for Forensic Pathologists booming in Canada

The recent increase in demand has been felt mainly to cater to the growing needs of crown attorneys in courts.


Demand for a qualified and experienced person with a qualified medical degree from a recognized university with a certification in either in general pathology or in anatomic pathology along with enrolment in a forensic pathology fellowship or a Board certification is an absolute must. Also the candidate must have the eligibility to work in Canada and also be eligible for licensure with the College of Physicians.


The Chief Coroner investigates about 1600 cases. The selected candidates are offered a handsome salary to the tune of $ 0.254 million to $0.295 million per annum with attractive perks. For example, the selected candidate can be considered for a sign on bonus or grant, coupled with provision of relocation allowance.


Forensic Pathologist Profession getting more lucrative

It has been observed that demand for Forensic Pathologists is booming in Canada over the years, thereby people are attracted towards the profession either to get a job and the other promises that the job gives. A degree in Forensic Pathology or Forensic Science from Canada will open up new horizons with the job markets looking promising. There is definitely a dearth of trained professionals in this specialized field in Canada. Not only that the degree in Forensic Science offered by various Canadian Universities opens up new career options in law, science, private investigation, consultants or even as private workers in laboratories.


The University of Toronto Mississauga offers a Forensic Science Bachelor Program that prepares the student for the demanding and challenging career. There are options of specializing in genetic information gathering along with understanding the complexities of scientific analyses. With the rising demand in the job market, the job prospects for the Forensic Pathologists of this subject look pretty promising.


Especially with the onset of DNA analyses and the continuous growth of the same, the market has grown tremendously. As the subject becomes highly specialized, the more job options are created thus promising better career prospect to the students. With an increasing work load, the demand for trained Forensic Pathologists is definitely higher.