December limit for UK Tier 1 visas reached

Hence, no more UK Tier 1 General visas will be granted to applicants in the month of December this year.

The UK government has fixed the total number of UK Tier 1 General visas at 600 for each month.

The new limit allocation will be reopened on the 1st of next month.

Meanwhile, those applying for a UK Tier 1 General visa from overseas will still be allowed for submission of their applications but the only condition will be that UK visas will be issued only when the limit is reopened next month.

The December limit will not be applicable to those making applications for extension of permission to continue their UK stay under the UK Tier 1 General visa. Also, it will not affect those wanting to switch from any another UK visa category to UK Tier 1 General visa.

The UK immigration department is already facing a huge backlog of UK visa applications as the limit for November was reached on the 10th of the month. And it is likely to cause longer processing times for the UK Tier 1 visas.

Moreover, the UK Home Office will remain closed from 23rd December till 4th January 2011 and this will also result in delayed processing of UK visas.

The UK government is going to introduce a permanent cap on the UK visas in the month of April 2011. And this will lead to replacement of UK Tier 1 General visas by exceptional talent visas. The number of total exceptional talent UK visas will be limited to 1000 for each year.

So, if you want to apply for UK immigration as a high skilled person but do not have an offer of job in the UK from any UK employer, then you must hurry to submit your UK visa application at the earliest before April 2011. The reason is that the requirements for exceptional talent visas will be quite high making it tough for migrants to apply for such visas.