Court challenge brings hope for Federal Skilled Workers

This means they will still be able to have their applications for Federal Skilled Workers even though the reforms have been announced to Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Changes to FSW challenged in court—As per the information, legal proceedings had been initiated by a group of federal skilled workers represented by several immigration lawyers in Canada including Lorne Waldman, an immigration lawyer based in Toronto, Bellissimo Law Group and Campbell Cohen, a law firm in Quebec.

Canada immigration department-CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) had announced in June this year its intention to introduce significant changes to its Federal Skilled Worker Program.

However, the Department of Justice reached an agreement with the group seeking a legal answer to the changes announced to FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program). This brings good news for some applicants whose applications for Federal Skilled Worker Program will not get terminated, informed Bellissimo Law Group.

In addition, a stay of 90-days duration has also been secured on return of Federal Skilled Worker applications and processing fees. All these add up to usher optimism among applicants, the group claimed.

Although, the ball is in the hands of the court only, but still as further progress is made in this matter, things are likely to prove fruitful, the group further maintained.

Changes to FSWP—Let’s have a quick look at the recent changes announced to Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program to be effective next year.

• Increasing points for language to 28 from the current 24. This means providing more emphasis to for primary language by increasing it to 24 from the earlier 16 points. Points for secondary language have been reduced to 4 from the earlier 8 points.

• Lowering points to work experience from 21 to 15.

• Requirement of recognition of educational credentials through a credential assessment and authentication system on the basis of individual case. No eligibility for applicants whose credentials are not equivalent in Canada or not found to exist.

• Another change includes addition of official language capacity for spouses to gain 5 adaptability points. These points can be obtained through previous study or work in Canada of the spouse or partner.

• Increasing maximum points for age to 12 from the current 10 points. Higher points for those aged 18 and 35 years as against earlier age range of 21 till 44.

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