Considerations to be made by the employers before hiring Immigrant Employees

Hiring Immigrant employees need a different set of considerations. The entire process has to be well planned and well thought of.

Some of the considerations to be made by the employers are considered below:

Make sure that you conduct a telephonic interview with the candidate so that you can save upon your time in future. If you screen the Immigrant applicant over the phone it would make things clear to the other party as well.

Exchange information
Inform about the job profile, designation and the details of your company to the candidate so that he knows if it meets his expectations or not.

Evaluate the candidate
Never rely on the orals skills of the candidate. The evaluation should be based upon various points and not only to evaluate the work experience and skills only. Personality and attitude comprise the important factors in selecting a person.

H-1B Workers should be paid well
Make sure to pay required wages or salaries to the workers, otherwise the employer may land up paying penalties and may be barred from hiring immigrant workers for a definite period of time.

Hire only authorized workers
Your workforce should be an authorized one. You should maintain the documents pertaining to the identity of the workers and other details of the immigrant working with you.

Be aware of Visa frauds
Sometimes employers are party to the “visa frauds” so that they can hire workers at a cheaper rate. However, when this is noted by the officials, the company caught in any kind fraud while hiring immigrants may face serious consequences.

Be clear on Citizenship requirement
When you advertise for a job, make sure that the citizenship criteria are made clear to the applicants. There are certain categories of work which are not meant for non-citizens, still if you hire an immigrant ignoring this criteria then, you may have to pay huge penalties.

Comply with the immigration laws
While hiring an immigrant, be perfect in complying with the laws pertaining to immigration. In case you are found to be under the state of non-compliance, you will be exposed to huge penalties again.

Hiring an immigrant for a vacancy has to be done by doing a thorough study on the rules and regulations. Following the law and maintaining documents to the core is the key to the employers to play safe.