Tuesday January 15 2013

Closure of Buffalo Visa Office leaves new Canadians at lurch

Harper Government decides to close the Visa Office in Buffalo

CBC News has learned that the Canadian Consulate Office in Buffalo, New York is being closed only after functioning for 18 months.

The estimated expenditure on this venture has been more than $1.5 million on meeting various formalities like renovation, and putting signatures on a 10 year lease.

Now Taxpayers will have to pay in millions as a rent in spite of the office being an empty one.

The effect of closure

• The decision of Harper Government to close the office will leave almost 70 people without any employment, at least till the time they manage to get another one.
• Canadian Tax payers will be paying about $8 million as rent even without utilizing the place in downtown office tower. And this is merely because the lease for the place will end only in 2020.
• Such a decision would also force the would-be permanent residents of Canada to wait for an endless period for the process to get completed.
• Canada may lose on potential Immigrants like international foreign students and workers who are young and educated and also hood Canadian Experience which is the most preferred requirement for by the new immigration System in the country.
• Almost 10,000 files would be pending which were transferred to Ottawa from Buffalo.
• Some of the applicants will have to take up the medical test all over again because the previous ones have expired in the process of waiting.
• Applicants are getting tight due to economic problems they face.

The explanation from the Government

Government Officials inform that foreigners willing to get their visas alter can make their applications online and can also pay the fee online too. The required interview for clearing the process will be conducted at the Immigration Offices present in the Country.

The Officials have also informed that all the functions will be taken over by the consulate in New York City.
An official says, “The Government is saving tax payers’ money while continuing to provide a high level of service through the use of technologies. The changes will be convenient for the Canadian applicants.”

The assurances from the Government will actually not deny the inconvenience which the people would be facing when they make applications or even when they report about their lost passport.

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