Clampdown on UK Entrepreneur Visas

As per the available information, the UK has tightened its noose over the UK entrepreneur visa process following alleged misuse of the immigration stream.

Tougher UK entpreneur visa norms—Get ready to face new tougher restrictions for getting a UK entrepreneur visas soon. Yes, as per the UK government proposals, new strict UK entrepreneur visa rules will come into effect to help cut misuse of the immigration stream.

It is being stated that the for getting skilled jobs in the UK, many on expiring UK study visas were seekign transfer to UK entrepreneur visas by showing that they intended to set up a business in the UK.

UK entrepreneur visa stream is going to have new tougher rules to help eliminate the alleged misuse of this immigration process.

What will be impact of new UK Entrepreneur Visa rules?—Well, as far as the effect of new tougher UK Entpreneur visa rules is concerned, foreign students on UK study visas will be allowed to switch using the funds from any source approved by the UK government.

Moreover, post-study foreign workers will have to get additional proof of business pursuits.

Also, for those who are yet to to start their businsess and not possess any evidence of any real or genuine business will not be allowed to switch to UK entrepreneur visa from the old post-study UK visa route.

Increased number of UK entprepreneur visas last year—In the year 2013, the number of UK entpreneur visa applicants went up to 10,000 from just 118 in the year 2009. And this is something to worry about hinting at the alleged misuse of the immigration system by foreigners.

And the harrowing fact is that nealry two-thirds of the UK entrepeneur visa applicants were issued visas. It seems that some conspiracy is behind such increasing figures. Its being believed that foreign applicants might have been lent £50,000 for showing the required funds for the purposes of investment in UK business startups.

It is also being believed that following closure of UK post-study work visa route for foreign students, many were switching over to UK entrepreneur visa route through foul means. The issue came to the notice of the UK immigration officers following comparison of files with tax records revealing entrepreneurs working full time following issue of UK entrepreneur visas.