Citizenship Options from Ontario

It is accepted that an ability to communicate effectively in English language or French language or both provides for vital success benchmarks for qualifying as a string contender for Canadian citizenship. It is so believed because this aptitude enhances the person to participate more fully and able to add value to societal contributions.

English and French languages are given equal status as official languages by the Government of Canada. The certificate provided by the provincial language training programs in Ontario will be accepted as objective evidence to the ability of prospective applicants for Canadian citizenship. Interestingly, Ontario accommodates the largest French speaking minority.

Why does the provincial language training programs in Ontario facilitate grant of citizenship for applicants? It is because the training programs meet the standards prescribed by CIC. Assessment of language proficiency of applicants has been through interactions with CIC staff and through results of the citizenship knowledge test. Ontario has provided reliable evidence of the benchmarks set to achieve the language efficiency requirements.

Regulatory provisions for language proficiency has not undergone any change but the way the ability of applicants are to prove that ability has been altered to minimize subjectivity in the assessment process. An upfront requirement will have to be fulfilled when the applicant appears before CIC staff who will have to focus on the mandatory certificates before they can take the application for further processing.

The Adult Non-Credit Language Training Program is designed to be imparted through Ontario public and Catholic school boards. It includes English as a Second Language (ESL), French as a Second Language (FSL) and, Citizenship and Language (CL) training to beginners. The alignment of the learning is towards Canadian Language Benchmarks and aims at adult immigrants who are not proficient in English or French.

The key determinant for a citizen in Canada to integrate with the local culture and traditions is proficiency in at least one of the official languages of Canada and Ontario provides the necessary reliability tests for proficiency measuring. It also provides the yardsticks that are indicative of the person’s ability to find ready employment and thus add to the economic progress of the State.

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