Citizenship awarded to a large number of Immigrants in 2014

Canada is known for sustaining a large number of immigrants, a place where people come from almost 200 countries. They may start here as an immigrant, but, on meeting the criteria legally ad lawfully, they become the permanent residents and eventually the citizens.

Citizenship Awarded
Canada, a land of multicultural is proven by the large number of individuals becoming citizens of the nation only in the month of February, 2014.

In the February of 2013 only 10,000 people attained this status whereas, this year as many as 19,200 have been upgraded to the level of citizenship. The people becoming the new citizens belong to as many as 193 countries which is actually an advocate to the statement that this country welcomes people belonging to various cultures.

Assurances from immigration Minister
Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander said, “Citizenship comes with rights and responsibilities and a commitment to the values and traditions of Canada.”

He welcomed the new candies to the family and assured them that the Government would continue with the efforts of improving upon the citizenship process so that it becomes easier for the future citizens of the nation. He informed that the Government is working upon the project of citizenship improvements.

He also shared that only 15% of the eligible permanent resident do not become Canadian citizens otherwise, 85% of them do get naturalized.
The swearing in of new citizens
Citizenship ceremonies were held at more than 220 centers across the country, and as of now more than 41,000 have become citizens.

Ceremonies were held at places of wide range from school gymnasium to Offices of Citizenship and immigration and even the halls and conference rooms in the hotels were also used for this purpose.

A strong system
With doubling the number of citizens merely within a period of one year, there is a strong indication that the system of becoming citizens is quite strong and fair in the country. It also shows that the number of application backlog has gone down. As a result more people could fulfill their dream of becoming a true Canadian and fulfilling the purpose of coming here leaving their own country behind.

To continue with this kind of a strong system which sustains more number of permanent residents than many other countries in the world, Bill C-24 has been introduced which look into reducing the backlog even further. With the changes one can expect that the backlog in the present scenario would get reduced by at least 80% in another two years or so.

To become a lawful citizen is the dream and wish of every immigrant who comes here. With a large number of them taking oath this year in a big number of ceremonies, a strong citizenship process is supposed to be present her. The Government further wants to strengthen it by working on it so that people could attain their target faster than they could. And this is all due to the presence of an efficient immigration system in the country.

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