CIC caps the number of applications intake for skilled workers

With the introduction of new programs and new options for entering Canada, there is also a capping done on the number of applications.
The Immigration Department is getting prepared for next year when there would be modified versions of existing program s introduced such as express entry.

The capping

Starting on May 4th 2013 to April 30th, 2014 the Department would be accepting 5,000 applications for federal Skilled Worker program and processing them further. The applications would be accepted from as many 24 occupations, for every occupation 300 applications would be accepted.

Those applying under PhD Stream must learn that only 1000 applications would be accepted under this category.
However, those who have already received an offer from a Canadian employer would not be a part of these limits mentioned.

Introduction of Express Entry program
This is a modified version of Expression Of interest program. The program is expected to address the labor shortage in the country in an even more effective way. Job vacancies would be matched with eh skills of immigrants and vice versa. It is supposed to be an economic immigration program which is likely to strengthen the economy of the nation by inviting skilled immigrants who are in demand here.

The applications would be accepted under three categories such as Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Intake of Applications
Chris Alexander, Immigration Minister informs that as many as 25,000 applications would be accepted under Express Entry in 2015. This would enable the concerned people to meet the labor shortage and ensure that no vacancy is left in the want of a skilled labor. The list of occupations would be made of double the length it is at the moment which will include an average of 50 different occupat6ions.
The number of applications under FSTP would also be maintained at 5,000 across 90 different trades.

8,000 applications will be taken under CEC which will start accepting application shortly so that it continues up to the launch of Express Entry.

The plan
The Government would make an investment of $14 million during a period of two years under Economic Action Plan 2014.
The changes would ensure that the applications are tracked at a faster rate than before and the skilled immigrants coming to the country do not become a temporary entity, rather integrate with the nation in its all-round development.

Immigration Minister and the Department are committed to improve the immigration system in the country. For this, every possible measure is being considered, starting from relaxing the cap on intake of apparitions to broadening the occupation list from 24 to 50 across some of the immigration programs. The effort is to retain the immigrants on a permanent basis by making them permanent residents rather than observing them as flyers. This would give surety to the employers and immigrants both, making the nation a larger economy than ever before.