Changes to UK immigration rules

As per the details, new rules have been announced for UK Points Based System.

UK Points Based System changes—New rules have been announced for UK Points Based System. This was revealed by James Brokenshire, UK immigration minister.

New norms will become effective for UK Points Based System work routes.

Aim of such new norms for UK Points Based System is to offer more flexibility for foreigners wanting to apply for UK immigration. And these new rules will also offer increased economic development, maintained immigration minister Brokenshire.

UK immigration has announced changes to its Points Based System for better flexibility and economic development.

Details of new Points Based System work route—

• New rules will enable UK Tier 2 skilled worker visa applicants to apply for the visas having validity of five years. So, it’s great news for UK Tier 2(Intra Company Transfer) and UK Tier 2(General) visas.

• New rules mean all graduates will become eligible for UK Graduate Entrepreneur Visas(UK Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa category).

• A new category of UK Tier 1(Exceptional Talent) visa has been created for foreign IT workers.

New rules for UK Tier 1(exceptional talent)visa—As per the details, UK will be easing foreign workers wanting to work in UK tech firms to obtain UK visa easily. This will be done by new rules announced by UK PM David Cameron(in February 2014).

UK Tier 1(exceptional talent) visa has an annual cap of 1,000.

However, due to tougher UK Tier 1 visa norms, the applicants find it quite difficult to gain eligibility for such UK visas. This becomes all the more evident by considering the number of UK Tier 1 visas issued to foreign workers in the year 2011.

Figures say just seven foreigners were able to gain UK Tier 1(Exceptional Talent) visas in the year 2011. And in the following years too, fewer applicants could gain UK Tier 1 exceptional talent visas due to tougher UK visa norms.

Hence, the UK needs to introduce simpler UK visa norms to allow tech firms to recruit foreigners with requisite skill-sets to come and work in the UK for the specified period of time. Only then can the UK’s skills shortage problem get any solution and provide stimulus to the UK economy at the earliest possible time.