Changes in Temporary Foreign Worker Program make hiring caregivers a difficult task

Recent changes in Temporary Foreign Worker Program have brought inconvenience to many Canadian employers who are in an urgent need of a staff to run their show.

The discomforting changes
TFWP has been reviewed and measures have been taken to ensure that Canadians are given the first preference while filling up a vacancy.

Employment and Social Development Canada would be assessing the forms submitted by the employers to evaluate the need of hiring forcing workers. Based on this labor market opinion would be issued to the deserving employers in the country.

The changed rules are equally effective while hiring live-in-caregivers as well.

Case Study
A lady running a small business in Ottawa has five children and she has to bring them single handily. Last time she hired a nanny, she had to bear her expenses, her traveling cost and many such things but the nanny stayed on for 6 months only.

With the recent changes introduced she has to apply for Labor Market opinion all over again and bear the expenditure as well. She informs that she did not get a single response from Canadians when she posted the job opening.

Caregiver sector seems to be nervous
The sector of caregivers seems to be quite shaky after the announcement that has come from Employment Minister, Jason Kenney.
He announces that the rules would be tightened further on hiring temporary foreign workers.

Head of Caregivers and nanny Associations in the country says that there is a genuine shortage of caregivers and tightening the rules at this point old bring inconvenience and discomfort to many. There are families wherein there are small children and both the parents need to work to meet ends. Such families would have a tough time ahead.
The demand for caregivers and nannies
Every city and province in the country needs caregivers and nannies because there are a large number of children to be looked after along with elderly people who need equal amount of attention.

Changes causing tough time
It was only last year when the processing fee for every application was raised to the amount of more than $270. And a caregiver or nanny could be hired only through the process of labor market onion. Even after receiving this document, the hirers had to wait for a long time due to a long processing period.

The bright side of the story
The bright side of the story is that Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has assured that the number of caregivers accepted this year would be almost double of 2013.

He also shared that the Government aims at making these caregivers and nannies a permanent part of the country and hence the hiring process is taking a little longer than expected.

Caregivers and Nannies are an important machinery to run the economy of the country because they support the earning members to do their job without having to bother about their children or elderly people at home. Therefore, the hiring process needs to be faster and swifter.