Changes needed in Australia immigration rules

On 29th December, 2013, an Indian student Manrajwinder Singh was attacked by some teenagers in Melbourne.

Changes urged to Australia migration rules—Australia needs to change its migration rules. This becomes all the more important keeping in view the recent attack on an Indian student studying in Melbourne. Singh was attacked brutally by a couple of teenagers when he was waiting to board a train. He has suffered severe damage to his brain and jaw.

As a result, he underwent surgery and spent eight weeks in a hospital.

Australia’s lengthy and tedious immigration rules need to be changed to help victims of brutal attacks.

Tedious, lengthy Australia visa system—Due to long and tedious process of Australia visa, many foreign students’ career is left in jeopardy.

Consider, for the instance the recent case of Marajwinder Singh who is finding it hard to get any answer to his career since his Australia student visa is due to expire in 2017 when he could have successfully completed his accounting course in Australia had he not been a victim of a ghastly attack in Melbourne in December last year.

Speaking about the fate of such foreigners, Michael Clothier, Australia migration lawyer, said there are several such cases who have been awaiting for as long as one year or so(even two years in one case) for getting a decision by Australia immigration minister.

And the final decision affecting many such young men and women is left by Australia Migration Act in the hands of Scott Morrison, Australian immigration minister, informs Mr. Clothier.

Rules needed for helping affected international students in Australia–Currently, there are no Australia rules in place for helping young foreigners living away from their homes and who are victims of any tragic incidents or accidents(victims of crime or injured in car accidents etc.)

In the absence of any such rules, many international students have no other option but to get their Australia student visas canceled without any fault of their own.

No allowances are available for victims of crime or those injured in car or motor accidents, states the migration lawyer. And everything simply is dependent on the intervention of the minister in the wake of absence of related Australia migration rules. All such loopholes call for an immediate change to Australia migration regulations.