Changes in Federal Rules adversely affect Colleges’ Viability

Sometime back, The Government made announcements so that people with malicious intentions entering Canada in the name of being students can be prevented.

The step is feared to be stopping the foreign students who are genuine and in turn could hurt the sustainability of career colleges.

The mandatory requirements to be met by the International students

• International students will have to submit a proof of being enrolled into one of the institutions designated by the Provincial and territorial government.
• In fact, there are some schools which have been recognized by Canada Gazette even if they are not designated either by Provincial or territorial Government. And this includes even post-secondary institutions too.

The impact of the decision on Career Colleges

CEO of National Association Colleges inform that there are almost 400 schools across the country which are neither designated by Provincial or territorial Government and not even by the Gazette.

He also adds, “What it means is if a province decides one cannot go into an agreement and we are out.”
Also, the Career Colleges are privately run schools which proved specific training to the students and mostly they are found to be running short term courses. Such courses enable a student to gain and learn skills for a specific kind of a job.

The Institutions designated by Provincial or Territorial Government mostly run multi-year programs.
As a matter of fact the Career Colleges have been left to the decision of Provinces whether or not to be included in the list.

The impact of the decision on International Students

Such a decision may bar the entry of many of the students who come here for being trained for a specific skill or a special kind of a job.

Government’s opinion on the issue

The Immigration department expresses that, “Educational Institutions that are currently hosting international students widely in term soft quality and accountability vary from each other.”

Hence, CIC believes that some of these Colleges offer a substandard education to the international students. This in turn hurts the image of Canada in the Global market.

Hence such steps are probably needed to curb any kind of wrong doing on behalf of Colleges and also it will curb any attempt to enter the country in the name of students but not landing up studying in any of the colleges.

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