Changes in the eligibility criteria of Federal Skilled Worker Program

With the announcement of reopening the Federal Skilled Worker program from the first day of May, the changes to eligibility criteria were also talked about.

The changes

Chris Alexander, informed that the capping has been relaxed by five folds, in compared to the number of applications accepted all this while. With the rise, the number touches the figure of 25,000 across 50 different occupations.

A capping of 500 would be applied on the application intake from PhD Students. However, those who possess a job offer in hand would not be included in these criteria and their apparitions would be treated separately.

Not more than 1000 applications would be accepted under every occupation mentioned in the list of eligible occupations for FSWP.
The applications would be accepted on the first come first serve basis.

The past record
In 2012, the country had welcomed as many as more than 57,000 new comers but, only 36% of them were principal applicants. The others were the family members of these federal skilled workers coming to the country.

The Immigration Minister informs that the program that has been reopened this year and it would be taking in immigrants for the last time under the category.

Rest of the entries would take place through Express entry program which would be beginning by the month of January next year.

Eligibility criteria
• An applicant should have a yearlong full time work experience in one of the eligible occupation in the last ten years. This should be obtained while working continuously and not with breaks.
• An applicant with a valid offer of employment which is also known as arranged employment can also apply under this category.
• This option for international students enrolled into a PhD program in any of the recognized Canadian universities.
• Someone who has graduated from a Canadian university (recognized) with a PhD degree can also apply under FSWP.
• An applicant should submit a report on official language test, which should be duly recognized. The minimum proficiency in language should cover all the four aspects like speaking, reading, writing and listening. Some of the CIC designated agencies are Canadian English language proficiency Index Program(CELPIP), International English language testing System(IELTS) and test d’evaluation de francis(TEF).
• A report on educational credential assessment should be submitted which should v=be again verified by an approved organization.
• The applicants should meet the pass mark criteria.
• They will have to submit evidences to assure that they have enough monetary resources to support themselves and their families when they come here in Canada.

Reopening of federal Skilled Worker Program has been awaited by many applicants across the world. The employers in Canada have also been waiting for the same. The program has been reopened with new set of capping and few changes here and there. Skilled workers would be taken for the last time before the Express Entry program is introduced in 2015. Applicants need to make a careful observation of terms and conditions for qualifying successfully under this category.