Changes coming to Temporary Foreign Worker Program in few weeks

And it was also announced that Ottawa is not going to lift the ban on access of Quebec’s fast food sector to this immigration program.

Reforms coming to Temporary Foreign Worker Program—In a few weeks, Canada government will be announcing reforms to its Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Speaking about the issue, Canada Employment Minister Jason Kenney stated that a moratorium has already been placed on access of Ottawa’s food services sector to Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program will undergo a complete overhaul in a few weeks time.

Reforms have already begun on Temporary Foreign Worker Program and they will be finalised in a couple of weeks, affirmed Kenney. He further maintained that the ban on the access of Ottawa’s fast food sector to Temporary Foreign Worker Program is only temporary and will get lifted once the reforms are finalised.

Give priority to Canadians, immigrants rather than temporary foreign workers—Kenney—Kenney clearly asked the employers wanting to fill jobs to look for Canadians and immigrants rather than hurrying to hire temporary foreign workers.

The moratorium, reiterated Kenney, is aimed to offer optimum protection to Canadians seeking jobs in Canada. Moratorium on food service sector was announced in April this year following several reports of abuse of temporary foreign worker program by this sector.

Mortarium on Quebec food services sector criticized–While Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander stated that the moratorium was introduced for quite good reasons, there is wide spread criticism concerning the moratorium.

Hiring of temporary foreign workers in Canada needs to be the last, and not in any ways the first resort for filling available jobs, said immigration minister Alexander.

So, the aim is to eliminate abuse of the program and the relaunch of the program will ensure that there is no abuse, he further affirmed.

After all, a large number of young Canadians are seekign permanent jobs as well as summer jobs. So, employers are under obligation to look to the needs of Canada domestic market, he clarified.

The restaurant association of Quebec has alleged that the moratorium is simply unreasonable and needs to be lifted at the earliest. And Quebec immigration minister Kathleen Weil’s official spokesperson stated that restaurants in Quebec are in dire need of temporary foreign workers to help keep them working, especially during summers.